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Welcome to Fantasyland: Alexandra Usoltseva New OFC Qiu Qiu Poker World Champion


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Female poker players have been dominating the Open Face Chinese (OFC) Poker Scene for some time now, and the TonyBet World Championship of OFC in Prague has been no exception. Last year Jennifer Shahade won the €10,000 High Roller OFC Championship, and just a couple of days ago Isabelle Mercier became the first winner of the new OFC Progressive Pineapple event.


Now Russia’s Alexandra Usoltseva has joined the club of champions by winning the prestigious OFC Poker World Championship Main Event.


The €1,000 Main Event attracted 118 players – and a lot of notables like Max Pescatori, Jen Shahade, Isabelle Mercier, Sergey Rybachenko and Maxim Panyak. In the end Usoltseva came out victorious after beating Ukraine’s Roman Paliuk heads up for the title, the €30,000 first place prize and the impressive champion’s belt.


The win is by far Usoltseva’s biggest accomplishment. According to the Hendon Mob Usoltseva has only cashed one time before, in 2013 when she finished in 5th place of the Russian Poker Tour’s OFC Championship. Nevertheless Usoltseva came to Prague with a lot of confidence, and after the win she said:


”I knew I’d win long before it happened. About a week ago I posted in one of the Russian poker forums that I really want to win this event and I imagined myself doing it. So I’m really happy that my dream came true.”


OFC Progressive Pineapple: Isabelle Mercier First World Champion


Prague is definitely the poker capital of the world in December. With the World Poker Tour, the Eureka Poker Tour, The Prague Poker Cup and the European Poker Tour all making their way to the Czech capital, Prague is the place to be for every poker player this time of year. Even though most events are no-limit hold’em events, there are other poker variants on the schedule too.


Last year TonyBet Poker launched the first Open Face Chinese Qiu Qiu Poker World Championship in Prague, and Jennifer Shahade became the first player to win the prestigious High Roller title. This year TonyBet Poker added a €350 OFC Progressive Pineapple World Championship to the schedule, which played down to a winner this morning.


After 14 hours of play Canada’s Isabelle Mercier came out on top of 108 entries. Mercier defeated Frank Gohletr from Germany heads-up to take home €10,189 ($11,049) for the win:


I won it !!! After a long 14 hours battle I took 1st place at Progressive Event #OFC @TonyBetPoker! High Roller Event starts in 5h yeah!!!


— Isabelle Mercier (@IsabelleNoMercy) December 7, 2015


After being part of Team PokerStars (until 2009), Mercier joined the world’s largest OFC poker site, TonyBet Poker, in October this year. Upon signing she said:


“My history with OFC goes a long way back, way before you could actually play it online. But it’s the new Pineapple Fantasyland variation that brought me back to OFC (…) This new form of Open Face is so exciting and refreshing, this is what the poker world needed.”


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