Outplaying a Swinger in Sbobet88

Last time I discussed how I think the pot should be split in a high-low declare game when the player who declares both ways (that is, the swing hand) loses. I said that the pot should be split between the remaining highest and lowest hand. I feel that this rewards players for cleverly being aware of situations in which a player who ought not to be declaring high-low does so anyway. I feel also that a player should not walk into the whole pot just because he happens to hold the hand that beats the high-low hand for one way only; there’s no skill in that: it’s just luck. The skill is being aware of situations that might not otherwise come up.

An example makes this clearer. I was playing in a small-limit home game of dealer’s choice in which the rule was as I have described: If you declared both ways, you must clearly win both ways, otherwise you lost all claim to any part of the pot. If the high-low hand lost or tied either high or low, that was it; that hand was then out of contention for any portion of the pot. If the high-low hand was so eliminated, the pot was then split between the remaining highest and lowest hand. On rare occasions, a situation arose permitting a player to take advantage of the rule, and win part or even all of a pot with a hand that was not the best for the direction it had declared.

On my deal, I usually called high-low draw, two draws, with a bet after the declare. Most of the other players called various forms of high-low stud, because of the multiple rounds of betting, and refrained from variations of draw, because draw usually has only two rounds …


Situs Judi akan membahas tentang Situs Judi Poker yang online 24 Jam .

Banyak Situs Poker yang tidak menjalankan sistem 24 Jam di bank nya ,baik itu.

Situs Poker yang mampu proses 24jam itu adalah nilai Plus bagi situs poker tersebut.

Karena tidak semua situs judi itu berani menggunakan sistem seperti ini .

Jadwal Bank yang sebenar nya itu tetap ada Offline nya ,dan bila situs poker tersebut berani proses di jam offline itu adalah situs yang rela mengambil resiko demi player dan member nya.

Kenapa di blg resiko ? tentu saja hal ini beresiko besar,memang member transfer dana tapi posisi bank offline. Situs Poker tidak bisa melakukan pengecekan dan tetap di proses itu sudah pasti mengambil resiko.


BRI Bank Populer Jam Offline | PlayerQQ Situs Judi Poker Proses 24 Jam Bank BRI

Bahas mengenai PlayerQQ memang tidak ada habis nya , kali ini kita bahas soal kelebihan nya dalam proses depo dan wd 24 Jam bahkan saat Offline.

Bayangin aj ni Situs Judi Poker Online lain nya pada gak bernai proses dan kita di PlayerQQ akan langsung di proses dengan sangat cepat.


PlayerQQ kan memang terkenal Situs Judi Tercepat di Indonesia dan kita kita tau situs judi tercepat mampu proses 24jam.

Mana mungkin lagi kita bisa menolah situs PlayerQQ,rasanya sangat sempurna .

Sistem PlayerQQ memang sangat mendukung ke para Player nya baik dari permainan maupun layanan nya.


Situs Judi lain setiap offline pasti kita di minta tunggu jam online baru akan di proses ,bener tidak ?

Makanya coba main di PlayerQQ ,sensasi perlayanan nya pasti tidak bisa di ikuti Situs Judi lain nya.

Proses offline tanpa bukti transfer ?? PlayerQQ bisa koq ,gak percaya ? coba buktikan aj .


Bri adalah Bank paling populer bagi masyarakat indonesia ,jam offline bank ny adalah jam 22.30 Wib …

Need to promote your business website? Go for wordpress hosting



On the off chance that you will construct your site, you can’t turn out badly with the wordpress facilitating framework. One needs to get full information about the interaction and afterward profit from reducing from a rumored organization.


The substance the executive’s framework takes help from the internet searcher now and again offers the capacity to WordPress Web Hosting. They are making it the main stage; presently, it can get scary from the start that they are obligatory for the business.


The fundamental idea of wordpress facilitating!


WordPress facilitating is a substance of the executive’s framework; it is the best stage for individuals to construct the site for their business and advance procuring beneficial income. You don’t have to chip away at coding language to comprehend the idea of wordpress facilitating. Accordingly, the programming of wordpress web hosting services tells you about every single significant insight regarding your site, which is essential to know for a money manager.


First and foremost, it is only an ordinary stage that the designers plan to traffic on the site. One can make regular sites and get general data about the location; they can’t configuration more substances. After improving the innovation, they can include anything on their authority site page, various sorts of data they need to give guests.


Developed with adaptability


There is no uncertainty in how, over the long haul, it has developed as the most adaptable and incredible asset on which nearly everything should be possible effectively that is identified with your business site. Before mo9ving ahead towards the wordpress facilitating technique, you must accumulate all the fundamental insights regarding the facilitating and the correct method to advance your organization site on the computerized ground.


What makes a site stand apart

Review of Life is a Game of Poker

There’s a lot more to being a winning poker player than learning correct strategy. In my experience, I’ve found a large number of people who know what it takes to play correctly, but still don’t know what it takes to be a winning poker player. Life is a Game of Poker attempts to help players make the transition from skilled, but losing poker players to long term winners.

First of all, although Life is a Game of Poker looks like a story rather than a how-to book, it is actually neither. As a novel, let’s just say that Mark Twain doesn’t have anything to worry about, but that’s not at all the purpose of this book. It’s a parable. It is using a story format to impart lessons to the reader. Therefore, any complaints about it’s reasonableness and that it’s not great literature are inappropriate. It’s not trying to be those things. It’s trying to make the reader who understands poker strategy into a winning player, and it does a much better job of that than I expected when I picked up the book.

The true “information content” of the book could probably fit into twenty pages. It deals with lessons regarding reading other players, not playing over one’s head, not playing with scared money, etc.. However, I believe that for many players, they would be more likely to learn lessons in this format rather than from a dry list of recommendations. There are certainly a lot of people out there who could really use this information.

Unfortunately, most of them are probably not likely to go out and buy this book. In addition to general inclinations, there are real Slot Gacor reasons for that. While the word density per page is fairly high for a poker book, paying twenty …

Poker is booming!

Poker is booming!Poker TV ratings are way up and climbing. Poker playing on the Internet has more than doubled in less than a year. Casinos everywhere are adding tables to their poker rooms. We know that many more people in the hinterlands are playing poker (especially hold’em) in their social gatherings than ever before. And a lot of smart money is now jumping on the poker bandwagon.

Is this just a random phenomenon? Not really. The population of the world is growing, people are living longer, and modern technology continually reduces the demand for human labor. As this new century progresses, more people will have more leisure time. Sports and gaming will probably continue to surge in popularity.

Increasing popularity and expanding global communications will probably increase the demand for international competitions. For more than 50 years, there has been an annual international contract bridge world championship, and a World Bridge Olympiad every four years. Should “intellectual games” such as poker, contract bridge, and chess become Olympic games unique casino
? Or, are the Olympics for “physical sports” only? Are curling and rifle shooting physical sports? Maybe the Olympics should evolve to reflect the increasing dominance of mental over physical in our society.

In what direction is our world going? Hopefully, we have seen the last of world wars, since it seems clear that the next world war would probably be the last! Mankind, with no natural enemies, has flourished on this planet; now, it finally has a natural enemy — itself. Nuclear weapons are still threatening our existence. We have already passed our first major tests — but there probably will be others. There are still lots of crazies in the world.

Actually, we have been very lucky so far that the leaders who control nuclear weapons have been …

Review Kasino Online – Togel Singapore Casino Tropez

Casino Tropez menawarkan permainan online berkualitas tinggi melalui perangkat lunak kasino Playtech yang brilian. Ini relatif baru, tetapi sudah membangun reputasi untuk Joo slots kualitas, layanan, dan pinup online keamanan luar biasa yang pasti akan membuat kasino ini mendapatkan status yang layak. Bagaimana Casino Tropez dengan cepat menjadi favorit para pemain online? Sebagai permulaan, salah satu dari banyak insentif pemain termasuk mostbet casino Bonus Selamat Datang Kasino yang murah hati di mana Anda dapat menerima $75 GRATIS dengan pembelian awal $75! Itu tentu belum semuanya, karena Anda harus memiliki lebih dari sekadar Bonus Selamat Datang untuk menarik dan mempertahankan pemain hebat! Inilah mengapa Casino Tropez juga menawarkan semua permainan favorit Anda termasuk:

Slot (tradisional dan progresif)
Video Poker
omong kosong
Poker Pai Gow
Dan banyak lagi!

Semua game ini hadir dengan kelancaran gameplay yang tak tertandingi yang hanya dapat ditawarkan oleh Playtech dan mereka menawarkan persentase pembayaran rata-rata yang seringkali lebih besar dari 97%, menjadikan Casino Tropez pilihan yang logis! Tapi bagaimana mereka menjaga pemain mereka begitu setia? Sangat Pengeluaran SGP mudah, ketika Anda memperhitungkan koleksi insentif, layanan, dan perusahaan kasino yang luar biasa.
Dari saat Anda pertama kali memulai perangkat lunak kasino GRATIS hingga MENANG pertama Anda, Anda akan terkesan. Lihat sendiri apa yang menjadikan Kasino ini salah satu pengalaman paling berharga di internet – tidak ada larangan!


Dapatkan 75$ untuk $75 dengan pembelian pertama Anda di anggota pin up Jaringan Koin Kasino dan Perjudian Online – Kasino Pilihan Editor, bersama mostbet dengan tambahan 10% untuk pembelian 1x bet transfer kawat. Mainkan Blackjack, 5 Mega-Money Progressive Slots, Progressive Caribbean Stud Poker, Roulette, Slots, Keno, Craps, Video Poker dan banyak lagi, semuanya dalam suasana kasino yang eksotis seperti Karibia!

Mengunduh perangkat lunak permainan gratis, dan kartu kredit utama, FirePay, PayPal, ClearChex, transfer …

Major 먹튀검증사이트 Jackpot Wins at Slotland and WinADay, Millions Waiting to be Won at Grande Vegas Casino

We have a couple of major jackpot wins to report and we have an update on some big jackpots waiting to be won.

Record-Breaking Birthday Jackpot Win

The online slot machine jackpot at WinADayCasino.com was hit for a record-breaking $225,727 at the height of the unique online casino’s third birthday celebrations last week. The jackpot winner, a practical-minded accountant, says rather than blow the win on holidays and luxuries he’ll do the fiscally responsible thing and use the quarter million dollar jackpot to pay off his mortgage. And to play a few online casino games!

The WinADay jackpot is usually won around the $150,000 mark but has gone much higher several times in the casino’s first three years. In March 2010 it rose to a record $224,420 before it was won by a retired widower. Since all the slots at WinADay contribute to one big progressive jackpot, and since the casino has been particularly busy due to some generous birthday promotions recently, it quickly rose to the record high.

The WinADayCasino.com jackpot is currently over $100,000.

Slots Jackpot Pays for Daughter’s Education

WinADay’s sister site, Slotland.com, has also just had a big 먹튀검증사이트 progressive jackpot win! A middle-aged father who won a $128,734 jackpot at Slotland.com recently says he’ll use his winnings to pay for his daughter’s college education. The player, who’s been playing online slot machines at Slotland for about year, won the massive pay out playing the new Witch’s Brew online slot machine.

“My daughter is just starting college and my wife and I were worried about how we’d be able to pay for it all,” said the jackpot winner, known as RMP1956 at the popular online casino. “Education is important but it’s so expensive these days! Well, I guess that’s one thing we won’t have to worry …

The fundamentals of sound money management for Link Alternatif Sbobet

The one problem I run in to every time I play blackjack is managing my money. Would you please offer some money management tips for us novices so we donąt part with our money so readily. I can never make it to day two of my weekend trip to Las Vegas. Jason B.
This column, Jason, can teach you all the right bets to make, plus how to play them, but without sound money management techniques, you can still end up going home broke.

Money management is your life-line to getting to that second day. My goal here is to help you make it through the weekend in lieu of hanging out in a keno lounge, tapped out, trying to score free drinks. So, Jason, below are some money management rules I live by when I’m out trying to score a little from the big guys. They will work if you rigorously apply them. Otherwise, I can tell you up front that casino security wonąt allow you to use the keno parlor as a hooch hospice.

First, never bring your entire bankroll with you to one gambling session. You need to have a daily gambling budget. Start by dividing your bankroll by the number of days you’ll be gambling. Now divide your daily bankroll into the number of sessions you will be playing each day. This is now your single-session bankroll. Don’t bet tomorrow’s money until tomorrow comes.
Set a goal of winning between 50 to 100% of a single-session bankroll. Then set aside your original bankroll plus half your winnings. Now play with the remainder, and continue to set aside additional winnings.
Use a winning progressive method of betting by setting a predetermined percentage increase for each winning bet and sticking to it. For example, I increase my winning …

How a Little Known “Secret Formula” Can Have You Churning Out Informative at Translation Company UK

“And How You Can Use My “Golden Formula” To Quickly And Easily Drive Swarms Of New Visitors To YOUR Website!”

How often do you have to “write stuff” for your websites?

By “Stuff” I mean content for your sites, articles to submit to directories, small reports, ebooks…

For most of us, there is usually alot of WRITING to be done!

Next Question:

How long does it take you to write one article?

How long does it take you to write one page of content?

How long does it take you to write a small report?

Regardless of what the specific amount of time is, the answer for most of us is TOO LONG!

Writing is a tough skill to master, and when you are trying to write not only to get out the ideas in your head but to fit a certain “keyword density”, in a fixed number of words, alot of times on a niche subject that often YOU HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT… It can very quickly become a complete nightmare!

Even aside from the hassle, the more important issue is TIME…

As a Web Business Owner TIME Is Your Most Valuable Asset…”

You know this is true right?

Most times you stay up until all hours of the morning and you STILL can’t finish all the things you need to get done!

While some people enjoy writing and it comes second nature to them, most people can think of 50 things they’d rather do than write articles or content…

Not only that but whatever kinds of sites you have, there are usually 50 things you COULD do that would ultimately make you MORE MONEY for the time invested than slaving away in front of Microsoft Word banging your fists on the keyboard. More about Translation Company UK

Trouble …

MGM Singapore Online Casino Mirage’s Exhibit A



If you’re expecting a cookie-cutter type offering from the MGM crew when they take their casinos online, you’ll be disappointed. But, if you’re hoping that they’re online offering is worthy of carrying the prestigious names of the MGM family of land-based casinos, you’ll be pleased with the progress so far. Enter WagerWorks.com as Exhibit A of that progress.


The WagerWorks.com site is still in the development phase, but the current selection of games that you’ll find here are enjoyable enough to spend a lengthy session each time you feel like playing. Of course, you won’t be wagering any of your hard-earned dough at these MGM casino games, at least not yet anyway. The theory goes that MGM is developing the site to ensure their readiness should online gaming become a legal new source of income in the future.


Politics aside, MGM’s web site developers are playing hardball with the rest of the online competition. If you were to slap the name “XYZonlinecasino” onto the WagerWorks.com web site, you’d still be hard pressed to find comparable games anywhere on the Web. Truth is, the eight games ready for play right now are unique to the WagerWorks.com site. The games are also in a fairly rare format, Macromedia Shockwave, so play within your browser is invariably speedy. The “Shockwave Action Games” as they’re called on the site are provided by Silicon Gaming, which provides more insight on why the games are not found in many other incarnations.


WagerWorks.com also enables you to choose at which MGM family of casinos you’d like to play. For now, the games are the same for each property, but it doesn’t appear that it will stay that way; perhaps games distinctive of each venue will be available in the Singapore Online Casino


Interest in bitcoin and blockchain technology by business and governments around the world increased in the past months. However, many governments have yet to take an official stance on digital currencies while some have placed restrictions or regulations on the use of Bitcoin. Russia was one of these countries, as it blocked access to websites with information about Bitcoin.


The ban was implemented by the City Court Nevyansk on the basis that these sites contained information which was prohibited in the Russian Federation. The ban began on January 13th 2015 and included access to the following sites:









However, on May 15th, 2015, a Sverdlovsk Regional Court overturned a ruling from City Court Nevyansk about blocking sites with information about digital currencies.


Bitcoin Magazine spoke with Ivan Tikhonov, the owner of BTCsec.com to gather more information about this court decision. Ivan learned about Bitcoin in 2011, and at that time, there was virtually no information on Bitcoin sites in Russian. Seeing an opportunity, Ivan launched BTCsec.com.


“The decision of the court Nevyansk about the blocks was canceled because it clearly violates the laws of Russia,” said Tikhonov. Learn more about SKYBLOCK COINS WEBSITE


In August of 2014, the Russian Minister of Finance Alexei Moiseev announced proposals to ban the issuance of bitcoin and any operations related to cryptocurrency in the spring of 2015. The announcement prompted several bitcoin and digital currency companies operating in Russia to exclude the Russian market from their business operations. With the overturn of this ban, entrepreneurs are like Tikhonov are optimistic. “This is good. Now there is a chance that people will be able to obtain objective information. We will be able to legally work these technologies,” said Tikhonov.


Speaking about public perception …

Fortune favours e-brave

GAMING software tester Steve Toneguzzo leans back in his Sydney boardroom and conjures up with his hands how world internet gaming will look in five years.


He draws three large blobs in the air but none represents Australia. They are Las Vegas in Nevada, South Africa and Britain.

“Once these three areas build up the trust of the internet gaming market, I don’t see them losing it,” he says.


Ironically, all of them will have used Australian expertise or gambling models to achieve their world internet gaming power.


Toneguzzo has been rebuilding his business, Global Gaming Services, since the federal Government clamped down on interactive gaming in this country. The Government’s Interactive Gambling Bill prevents Australian operators offering online gambling services to Australian citizens or residents of countries where online gambling is prohibited.


GGS tests gaming software and regulation compliance and helped launch Australia’s only internet casino, Lasseter’s. Toneguzzo’s company is one of many forced to scour the world for new business. Luckily, there is plenty of work out there.


Today, he will represent GGS at one of the most important meetings held by the Nevada Gaming Commission as it considers whether to licence internet gaming in Nevada.


Although the commission has indicated it will move slowly, the word from Nevada is that regulation could come sooner rather than later. Many Las Vegas casinos already offer non-cash internet gaming.


The big Nevada casinos in Las Vegas such as MGM and Bellagio will do nothing to jeopardise their live casino licences and will be interested in the advice Toneguzzo gives the public hearing about how a proper internet regulatory environment can be established. Regulation is the key to the future of internet gaming, he says.


“Self-regulation or no regulation doesn’t work,” he says. …

Gypsy King Software releases Bet Your Ligaz888 Booty 1.0 for Macintosh

Bet Your Booty is a variation of the classic game of hangman, with a new twist on what happens when you lose.


Gypsy King Software releases Bet Your Booty 1.0 for Macintosh


Bet Your Booty is a variation of the classic game of hangman, with a new twist on what happens when you lose.


In each round you must bet on each letter that you guess, with bonuses and penalties for good and bad guesses. Start with a bankroll of $25,000 and guess your way to rags or riches. Riches will turn you into a penguin. Rags will turn you into deathbones.


Build the hangman with each wrong guess, only he is a she, and she won’t be swinging from the rafters. It ain’t called Bet Your Booty for nothing!




* Supports both single words and phrases

* Ability to add your own word lists

* Gypsy King will host word lists on our website that you can download, just email us your word lists and we will add them to our site




Bet Your Booty is $19.95, and is available now from the Gypsy King Software web site. This product is a New Release. You can download Bet Your Booty from the following URL:



System Requirements: Works on PPC & 68K, 4.3 MB disk space, Color


About Gypsy King Software:


Gypsy King Software, the dream child of Irish-Italian gypsy Shari L. Coxford, produces games and business software for the Macintosh. Our games often feature gypsies and fortune tellers, the most noted being Madame Murghi who currently resides in Ligaz888 Poker Dice. Snuggled around our feet in winter is the company mascot Gypsy Rose, the most wondrous creature in all the world. We rescued her from …