Outplaying a Swinger in Sbobet88

Last time I discussed how I think the pot should be split in a high-low declare game when the player who declares both ways (that is, the swing hand) loses. I said that the pot should be split between the remaining highest and lowest hand. I feel that this rewards players for cleverly being aware of situations in which a player who ought not to be declaring high-low does so anyway. I feel also that a player should not walk into the whole pot just because he happens to hold the hand that beats the high-low hand for one way only; there’s no skill in that: it’s just luck. The skill is being aware of situations that might not otherwise come up.

An example makes this clearer. I was playing in a small-limit home game of dealer’s choice in which the rule was as I have described: If you declared both ways, you must clearly win both ways, otherwise you lost all claim to any part of the pot. If the high-low hand lost or tied either high or low, that was it; that hand was then out of contention for any portion of the pot. If the high-low hand was so eliminated, the pot was then split between the remaining highest and lowest hand. On rare occasions, a situation arose permitting a player to take advantage of the rule, and win part or even all of a pot with a hand that was not the best for the direction it had declared.

On my deal, I usually called high-low draw, two draws, with a bet after the declare. Most of the other players called various forms of high-low stud, because of the multiple rounds of betting, and refrained from variations of draw, because draw usually has only two rounds …




Situs Judi akan membahas tentang Situs Judi Poker yang online 24 Jam .

Banyak Situs Poker yang tidak menjalankan sistem 24 Jam di bank nya ,baik itu Situs Poker Terpercaya sekalipun.

Situs Poker yang mampu proses 24jam itu adalah nilai Plus bagi situs poker tersebut.

Karena tidak semua situs judi itu berani menggunakan sistem seperti ini .


Jadwal Bank yang sebenar nya itu tetap ada Offline nya ,dan bila situs poker tersebut berani proses di jam offline itu adalah situs yang rela mengambil resiko demi player dan member nya.

Kenapa di blg resiko ? tentu saja hal ini beresiko besar,memang member transfer dana tapi posisi bank offline. Situs Poker tidak bisa melakukan pengecekan dan tetap di proses itu sudah pasti mengambil resiko.


BRI Bank Populer Jam Offline | PlayerQQ Situs Judi Poker Proses 24 Jam Bank BRI

Bahas mengenai PlayerQQ memang tidak ada habis nya , kali ini kita bahas soal kelebihan nya dalam proses depo dan wd 24 Jam bahkan saat Offline.

Bayangin aj ni Situs Judi Poker Online lain nya pada gak bernai proses dan kita di PlayerQQ akan langsung di proses dengan sangat cepat.


PlayerQQ kan memang terkenal Situs Judi Tercepat di Indonesia dan kita kita tau situs judi tercepat mampu proses 24jam.

Mana mungkin lagi kita bisa menolah situs PlayerQQ,rasanya sangat sempurna .

Sistem PlayerQQ memang sangat mendukung ke para Player nya baik dari permainan maupun layanan nya.


Situs Judi lain setiap offline pasti kita di minta tunggu jam online baru akan di proses ,bener tidak ?

Makanya coba main di PlayerQQ ,sensasi perlayanan nya pasti tidak bisa di ikuti Situs Judi lain nya.

Proses offline tanpa bukti transfer ?? PlayerQQ bisa koq ,gak percaya ? coba buktikan aj .


Bri adalah Bank paling populer bagi masyarakat indonesia ,jam …

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On the off chance that you will construct your site, you can’t turn out badly with the wordpress facilitating framework. One needs to get full information about the interaction and afterward profit from reducing from a rumored organization.


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Fortune favours e-brave

GAMING software tester Steve Toneguzzo leans back in his Sydney boardroom and conjures up with his hands how world internet gaming will look in five years.


He draws three large blobs in the air but none represents Australia. They are Las Vegas in Nevada, South Africa and Britain.

“Once these three areas build up the trust of the internet gaming market, I don’t see them losing it,” he says.


Ironically, all of them will have used Australian expertise or gambling models to achieve their world internet gaming power.


Toneguzzo has been rebuilding his business, Global Gaming Services, since the federal Government clamped down on interactive gaming in this country. The Government’s Interactive Gambling Bill prevents Australian operators offering online gambling services to Australian citizens or residents of countries where online gambling is prohibited.


GGS tests gaming software and regulation compliance and helped launch Australia’s only internet casino, Lasseter’s. Toneguzzo’s company is one of many forced to scour the world for new business. Luckily, there is plenty of work out there.


Today, he will represent GGS at one of the most important meetings held by the Nevada Gaming Commission as it considers whether to licence internet gaming in Nevada.


Although the commission has indicated it will move slowly, the word from Nevada is that regulation could come sooner rather than later. Many Las Vegas casinos already offer non-cash internet gaming.


The big Nevada casinos in Las Vegas such as MGM and Bellagio will do nothing to jeopardise their live casino licences and will be interested in the advice Toneguzzo gives the public hearing about how a proper internet regulatory environment can be established. Regulation is the key to the future of internet gaming, he says.


“Self-regulation or no regulation doesn’t work,” he says. …

Gypsy King Software releases Bet Your Ligaz888 Booty 1.0 for Macintosh

Bet Your Booty is a variation of the classic game of hangman, with a new twist on what happens when you lose.


Gypsy King Software releases Bet Your Booty 1.0 for Macintosh


Bet Your Booty is a variation of the classic game of hangman, with a new twist on what happens when you lose.


In each round you must bet on each letter that you guess, with bonuses and penalties for good and bad guesses. Start with a bankroll of $25,000 and guess your way to rags or riches. Riches will turn you into a penguin. Rags will turn you into deathbones.


Build the hangman with each wrong guess, only he is a she, and she won’t be swinging from the rafters. It ain’t called Bet Your Booty for nothing!




* Supports both single words and phrases

* Ability to add your own word lists

* Gypsy King will host word lists on our website that you can download, just email us your word lists and we will add them to our site




Bet Your Booty is $19.95, and is available now from the Gypsy King Software web site. This product is a New Release. You can download Bet Your Booty from the following URL:



System Requirements: Works on PPC & 68K, 4.3 MB disk space, Color


About Gypsy King Software:


Gypsy King Software, the dream child of Irish-Italian gypsy Shari L. Coxford, produces games and business software for the Macintosh. Our games often feature gypsies and fortune tellers, the most noted being Madame Murghi who currently resides in Ligaz888 Poker Dice. Snuggled around our feet in winter is the company mascot Gypsy Rose, the most wondrous creature in all the world. We rescued her from …

Slot Online POKER ROOM 

The first time I played casino poker against live opponents for real money, they went through me like a freight train through the wind. The next time wasn’t much better: I felt like a rag doll in a dog’s mouth. But the third time I played in a public card room, I finally found my feet. With a little bit of confidence and a little bit of luck, I was able to walk away from the game with a few more beans than I had when I began.

That’s called education.

And education isn’t free.

But it’s close. In the poker world, at least, it’s pretty darn close indeed these days.

When I started out in public card Slot Online rooms, there were no computer simulations to help me learn how to play. Heck, there were barely computers. Needless to say, the internet and all its wondrous resources were still a gleam in some geeks’ eyes. Even poker books (good, simple, useful ones at least) were few and far between. Nor could I turn to magazines like this one to fill in the blanks. I had to learn as I went along.

But it’s a new age now, and you don’t have to struggle like that. If you’re interested in casino poker, you can learn everything you need to know, and play hundreds of hours in simulated games, before you ever take a seat in a real cardroom against live opponents. What follows is a list of some sources you can turn to for more information about how to play poker, how to play it well, and how to get the most out of your poker playing experience.

First, the books. Since most casinos offer seven-card stud as their least expensive (and thus entry-level) game, I recommend George Percy’s Seven …

Believe it UFAor Not

A few days ago, after I had finished playing a tournament, I decided it was time to write a column that I had been thinking about for awhile. I thought I should do it while it was still fresh on my mind, and I hurried home and tried to knock out this new column. I had been toying with the idea of doing it, but I wanted to wait a certain length of time just in case, on reflection, I might think it was stupid.

Today’s experience at the club reinforced my need to do this column. I’m not going to say anything that will change the poker world. All I will do, hopefully, is to get something off my chest.

It has become one of my pet peeves in the poker world when certain words are used that I do not think are applicable. I also do not think these certain words are very accurate. The certain words that I am referring to are “amazing” and “unbelievable.”

Today while I was playing, I must have heard those words a hundred times. It seemed every time someone got a hand beat, it was either “amazing!” or “unbelievable!”. Maybe It’s just me, but when I think of the definition of “unbelievable,” I think of something like Charlton Heston parting the Red Sea. “Amazing” would be like sending a rocket with 3 men on board 240,000 or so miles to the moon, and have them get off the rocket, walk around and then have them come back to Earth. Check out UFA

I decided I should call Ripley’s Believe It or Not, because they are experts in the “amazing and unbelievable.” If I could get them to come and monitor a poker game in one of the clubs for a couple of …

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We enjoy hearing from our visitors, and your comments have always helped …

The Bad Girl of Poker

A 7 had come on the river and poker pro Dave Colclough had just been check-raised for all of his chips. Considering how large the bet was that Dave had popped out on the end and how early in the tournament it was, you had to consider he had a very good hand. There were no straights on the board and no flushes available, and Dave stared and stared at his cards and his opponent for what seemed like ages before sighing, calling, and flipping over his pocket pair of fives to reveal a set, three of a kind. But it wasn’t good enough, because his opponent, staring from the No. 8 seat impassively with dark shades and straight black hair, flipped over her pocket sevens and raked a pot large enough to knock Colclough straight out of the Copenhagen EPT tournament only 10 minutes after it had begun. Score another one for “Bad Girl,” poker champion Xuyen Pham.



I caught up with Xuyen (pronounced S-Wen) later that month by telephone, but even that was a tough call, as my first few attempts had found her on a heavy schedule of multiple Internet tournaments and live poker action. Xuyen likes to play, and with the way things have been going, who can blame her? Xuyen has been gathering tournament results in the UK for a few years now, but it was at the World Poker Championships in Dublin last year that she announced her power in a big way, tearing through a field of the top players in the world to pick up first place and a quarter of a million Euros. That’s not bad for someone who had never played poker before leaving her native …




FCB play LA Galaxy in Los Angeles on the 21st of July, Manchester United in San Francisco on the 25th and Chelsea in Washington on the 28th, before jetting back to Europe for a friendly with Fiorentina in Florence on the 2nd of August.



Real Madrid are said to be on the verge of sealing a £28 million deal for Juventus attacker Arturo Vidal, fresh from his Copa America win with Chile.


Real are also said to be tussling with Monaco for the signature of Juve’s Spanish striker Fernando Llorente.


Arda Turan was all set to swap Atletico Madrid for Barcelona but FCB’s board have kaiboshed the deal until a new club president is elected on the 18th of July. The Turk’s transfer fee is set to be between €35 and €41 million. Barça’s transfer ban expires in January.


Late in the week it was reported Arsenal were willing to recruit Turan in exchange for Spanish international Santi Cazorla and an unspecified fee.


The 28 year-old has been linked with Chelsea, Manchester United and PSG as well recently. Blues striker Diego Costa said it would be Qiu Qiu Online great to link up with his former Colchoneros teammate at Stamford Bridge.


Turan himself if said to favour a move to Barça (no surprise) but if that is a no-go, a transfer to Man Utd.


*Atletico are said to be close to signing Congolese defender Chancel Mbemba from Anderlecht.


* Rafa Benitez was claimed to have asked Real Madrid to replace Karim Benzema with Fernando Llorente but his club turned him down.


* Paul Pogba remains the most sought-after signing in football this summer but Juventus are in no mood to sell it appears, after reports were ubiquitous that …

Unpredictable City flying under the radar of Judi Bola Online24Jam Terpercaya

Based on their unpredictable form since Manuel Pellegrini took charge at the Etihad, only Manchester City could beat the reigning European champions on their own ground and then still only make headlines for failing to win the game 4-2 rather than 3-2.


Allianz Arena, Munich


You just never know quite what to expect from this current Manchester City side, whose progression under Pellegrini this season has been sufficiently inconsistent that few commentators have marked them out as potential Premier League champions let alone Champions League destroyers.


That inconsistency was laid bare again last night in the space of 90 minutes against a Bayern side that was aiming to win its 10th straight Champions League Judi Bola Online24Jam Terpercaya match.


A second string City XI was torn apart multiple times in the opening 20 minutes, and fell behind to goals from Thomas Muller and Mario Gotze before striking back in the most unexpected manner through David Silva, Aleksandar Kolarov and James Milner.


As if to underline City’s capriciousness, Milner’s man-of-the-display was in stark contrast to his past 18 months of gradual slipping down the pecking order for club and country, with the former Aston Villa midfielder winning the penalty converted by Kolarov and striking the decisive winner.


Etihad Stadium.


Contextualising the performance and the result by a City side missing the likes of captain Vincent Kompany, Yaya Toure, Sergio Agüero and Alvaro Negredo, especially on the back being outclassed by Bayern in Manchester earlier in the group phase, is bordering on impossible.


Throw in the fact that Pellegrini’s side have already lost four times on the road against Premier League sides this season – at Cardiff, Aston Villa, Chelsea and Sunderland – and the conundrum is complete.


Of course, City’s unpredictability has …

Standard Qiu Qiu Liege on top 25 years later



An old glory of Belgian soccer, Standard Liege, have finally managed to win the domestic championship, their first in a quarter of the century and indeed the first piece of silverware after 15 years.

It has taken a truly remarkable display throughout the season for Standard to emerge on top: a 31-game unbeaten run, which has culminated with a 2-0 win over archrivals Anderlecht in the decisive match.

This is the ninth League title for Qiu Qiu Standard, who also won five Belgian cups and played in the 1982 Cup Winners’ Cup against Barcelona at Camp Nou back then in the times of Arie Haan, Benny Wendt and Simon Tahamata.


PSV make it four in a row


In neighbouring Netherlands, PSV have not had a shortage of trophies over the past decades. The Eindhoven team have snatched their fourth consecutive title, the 21st in their history, by winning 1-0 at Vitesse. PSV needed just a draw in their last game to stay ahead of Ajax, who demolished Heracles by 5-1 in hope their rivals would trip up in Arnhem.

The provincials have dominated the Dutch scene in the past nine seasons, winning seven titles and leaving just two to Ajax. Their successes include eight Dutch cups, seven Supercups, one Champions Cup and one UEFA Cup.


Olympiacos continue to frustrate rivals


Even more prominent than PSV’s dominance in the Netherlands is Olympiacos’ rule in Greece, as the red and whites have just added a 36th league title to their trophy room at the end of an emotional season that saw them shrug off a serious challenge from AEK Athens.

The crucial win for the Children of Piraeus came on the last day at home against Iraklis, well beaten by 3-1, only two weeks after Olympiacos …