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Online Casino Singapore Bingo – It’s Types,Variations and Winning Tips


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Bingo Basics



This “born in Italy” game is very easy and simple game to be played not only by children but has it place in charity functions, house parties and even in classrooms. Bingo is the game which enhances the number and gaining skills of the children and that is the reason these days teachers use it as a source of teaching in their respective classes.




How to play



Two pre-requisites for this game are Bingo cards and bingo cages which contains balls to be called out. The bingo cards with five rows and five columns become twenty five spaces on which numbers are written and these can be replaced with car, traffic signals etc. daubers and chips are being used to mark the numbers; daubers are preferable by the players. Different sizes, shapes and designs of daubers can be found in the market like Uncle Sam daubers, Elvis daubers are few of them. While playing this game, a player must be aware of the Booklet, Blackout, Coverall, Face and numerous other terms to play the game easily. Many books and websites nowadays provide information for novices and for the players to excel in this game. The best feature of this game is its lucky factor, like stones numbers etc.







There are many different types of Online Casino Singapore games that you can play but on the basis of popularity two games are really prominent which are 90-ball bingo and 75 ball bingo. The only difference between both the games is numbers as 90-ball bingo has more numbers than the 75 ball bingo. These games can be played online while sitting at home.



  1. 75-ball bingo

This type of bingo game is mostly played in United States. It has total seventy five numbers in five columns of fifteen numbers each. This seventy five ball version has twenty five squares consisting of five across and five down forming a square shape. Selection of numbers have been done randomly form the cards from one to seventy five. Every card has a code printed on it for the verification purposes.


  1. 90-ball bingo

This version of bingo game is mostly played in United Kingdom and Australia. It is made of ninety numbers. The cards in this game are called as tickets and these tickets are consisting of three rows and nine columns. Tickets are part of a card consisting of six tickets. Five squares out of nine squares have numbers on them from one to ninety while the other four are blank.




Tips/strategies to play



To be master in the game of bingo one needs to understand and learn certain strategies to play this game. By adapting the following tips one can excel in this game.


Concentration is the master key to win this game.

Being a good and sharp listen always works in players favor. A player must be listening to the numbers carefully when they are called out and match them off with the cards accurately.

Playing with fewer card are advisable. Increasing quantity of cards decreases the possibility of numbers. More number of cards creates distraction and it gets tough to find out and search for the number which has been called out.

Selection of numbers is very important step; two close numbers are usually dead in the game.

You should refrain from talking while playing this game.

Marking the numbers incorrectly is common phenomenon. Use different color daubers to correct a blunder so that it shall be easier for you to remember whether you have got the bingo r not and for judges as well.


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