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Laughing at some Bingo Jokes and playing Togel Hari Ini


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We all know that Bingo is a fun game to play, but these jokes prove that Bingo is not only a game to laugh with others, it’s also a game where you can laugh at others…


Full Card


2 old men are playing Bingo in the church, John and Tom. John keeps looking over Tom’s shoulder saying: “you’ve got that number, mark it off, you’ve got that number mark it off.” After doing this for quite some time Tom gets annoyed and says: “why don’t you do your own card?” Whereupon John answers: “I can’t it’s full!”


Blondes and Bingo


It was a Ladies Only Night in the All Blonde Bingo Hall. The night had been pretty boring, not one single person had a BINGO all night. The last game was up for grabs, with a huge bingo prize of $3500.00 in the pot.


The game drags on and on, and nearly every blonde in the house had to be on for the big blackout. Finally, G-47 was called, but still no shouts of “Bingo!” were heard. The frustrated caller finally gets up and throws the Bingo Machine off the stage. All the girls were shocked and the caller says: “I’ve just called every darn one of these 75 balls out of this machine and nobody has a Bingo? Just what number are you ladies waiting for?” All together, 412 blonde ladies shouted: “FREE SPACE!”


The 10 commandments of Bingo


Thou shall not sit in thy neighbors lucky seat.

Thou shall not stare at thy neighbors card.

Thou shall not take the Callers name in vain.

Thou shall not call false “Bingo”.

Thou shall not wish bad luck on thy neighbor.

Thou shall not threaten to kill the “Caller”.

Thou shall not steal thy husband’s money for Bingo.

Thou shall not brag about how much thou hast won.

Thou shall not whine about how much thou hast lost.

Thou shall not covet thy neighbor’s winnings.


Bingo for Ladies and Gentleman: Internet Bingo Etiquette


Internet online bingo halls strive to create an atmosphere of comfort and good will. The most fun and relaxing bingo games take place when the playing arena is one in which every player feels respected and appreciated. In order to fulfill this goal, internet online bingo halls ask players to abide by the following set of bingo etiquette guidelines:


  1. Speak to the chatmaster (CM) politely at all times, and respect her authority. The CM is there to make bingo games go smoothly and pleasantly for all involved; there’s no need to make her job hard.
  2. Treat all players with respect. This means that absolutely no racial, ethnic, sexual or other slurs will be tolerated. Online bingo sites have strict anti- harassment policies that apply to both the CMs and other players. Remember that all players are there to have a good time!
  3. Please refrain from using capital letters in the chat room, unless a CM asks you to do so specifically. CMs only are permitted to use capital letters, since this helps players see her instructions.
  4. Please do not endorse any bingo hall sites, other than the one at which you are playing for Togel Hari Ini, either in private or group chat. An online bingo hall is not an appropriate forum for advertisers.
  5. Please keep complaints out of chats. If you have an issue with an online bingo hall, address the problem to the hall’s customer service team.
  6. Do not impersonate other players. This is rude, confusing, and a violation of other players’ rights.
  7. Respect other players and the CMs by refraining from using language that might be construed as rude or offensive.
  8. Have other bingo players in mind when you choose a screen name. Do not choose a name that others might reasonably think is in bad taste or not appropriate for an online bingo hall.






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