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European Togel Hari Ini Poker Capital 2008


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Togel Hari Ini


Dublin has been awarded the title of European Poker Capital 2008 by Bluff Europe.  Amsterdam, Vienna and Barcelona filled the remaining top five slots.


Dublin was chosen for the title ahead of last year’s winner, London because of the proliferation of card rooms such as the Fitzwilliam, Sporting Emporium and Silks, as well as the success of the Irish Poker Open.  Dublin’s has proved its quality as a poker destination.


For the man credited with bringing Texas Hold’em to Ireland, Liam ‘Gentleman’ Flood, the news came as no surprise.  The well known poker player said “The thing that differentiates Dublin to other place is the craic. There are lots of good characters playing poker in Dublin and you can see that in the banter that is at the tables.  There are a lot of people playing poker and the people who are running the card rooms are concentrating on poker. Everybody is catered for in Ireland, from the €10 player to the guy who wants to play for €1,000. A lot of the English players are tight and a lot of the Irish players are gamblers, but, of course, you can have everything and anything in between.”


California Online Poker Bill shelved


An estimated 2 million Californian online poker players anxiously awaiting the result of Assemblyman Lloyd Levine’s online poker bill, AB 2026, will have to wait until 2009. The bill was put on the shelf for the remainder of the year, and scheduled to be reintroduced to the Senate Appropriations Committee next January.


The bill was originally introduced in February 2008 to study the potential of legalising online poker in California but was then revised to actually legalise the act of playing online poker, rather than just studying the issue. There has been no official statement given as to why the bill has been shelved again.


PKR poker reaches two million members


Another milestone was reached this week by PKR poker online when they signed up their two millionth member. This comes less than a year after signing up its one millionth member. This is no mean feat considering the uncertain economic climate, and the fact that they do not accept players residing in the U.S.A.


The launch of PKR TV, an hour long TV show that reaches a potential audience of over 15m across Europe, and the introduction of the Club PKR loyalty programme, as well as the publishing of Stacked, their consumer magazine, has surely contributed in a big way to their success, not forgetting the great choice of bonuses on offer to new online Togel Hari Ini poker players. Become part of the fastest moving online poker phenomenon now, and claim your choice of PKR bonuses designed to match every level of play.



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