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Should be a Short Day Sihoki Slot


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Sihoki Slot media man Nolan Dalla told us minutes ago that play will probably stop at 27 players today so we’ve only got three players to go and several short stacks in play.
Sometimes $10,000 is just too much
I had forgotten our previous encounter in a University of Alabama fraternity house last year until Rob Berryman reminded me of it this afternoon. The 21-year-old UA student, the youngest still left in the field, busted out of the tournament in 33rd place, earning $329,865.
He check raised all in on a Qs-9c-5c with the 8c-7c for the inside straight flush draw. Berryman did not hit any of his 12 outs and the $8 million pot went the other way.
The Killen, Al., native plays in numerous apartment and fraternity games around Tuscaloosa and won his seat into the main event slot online. With his father, Steve, at his side, Berryman collected his check and maintained a level head. He doesn’t plan to blow the money.
When someone asked him if he planned to play next year, Berryman replied, “If I win a seat.”
The Official Schedule for the 2006 WSOP Main Event
Step into Mr. Peabody’s WABAC Machine, as we travel back in time about two weeks for this post.
Here we are, a few days before the Main Event begins, and it’s become clear that the field will be somewhere between 8,000-9,000 players. Harrah’s has released the official schedule:
The Official Schedule for the 2006 unique casino Main Event
Day 1A, 1B, 1C, and 1D – Day 1A will start with over 2,000 players, and play will continue until 800 players remain. If that number is reached in less than six levels, play will continue for a full six levels. There is the possibility that there will NOT be a dinner break, so players should plan for that contingency.
The amount of time played on Day 1A will be repeated for Days 1B, 1C, and 1D.
Richard Wyrick Sits Across from William Thorsson
Our guy Richard Wyrick in black (1,350,000) sits across from William Thorsson who has gone from 2nd in chips to 7th (3,675,000).
Note: Nolan just annouced that it’s most likely they’ll play down to 27 tonight. Right now we’ve got 31 players left. Hang in there, Richard!
Rob Berryman Out
We just witnessed perhaps the biggest hand of the WSOP, and unfortunately it didn’t end well for the player many of us in media row had picked as our favorite.
David Einhorn raised to 160,000 and William Thorsson called from the cutoff, and Rob Berryman called from the big blind. Flop was 5c-Qs-9c and Berryman check-raised all-in for a little over one million in chips. Einhorn thought for a moment and then announced he too was all-in, Berryman having him covered by a nearly a hundred thousand. Thorsson called, asking “Does anyone have a set?” while the ESPN cameras crowded around the table and many of us in media row held our breath. Einhorn and Berryman both said they did not have a set – instead Berryman had a straight flush draw with 7c-8c, Einhorn had top pair with As-Qc, and Thorsson had a gutshot straight draw with Ks-Js. Turn was Ah and the river was Ad, eliminating Berryman from the tournament, winning Thorsson the side pot, and giving Einhorn a 8,000,000 pile of chips.
Berryman finishes in 33rd place and wins $389,865, which coincidentially is exactly what I wanted for my 21st birthday.

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