Call for Stewards

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…come and enjoy the amazing acts and that wonderful SMF atmosphere all for the price of a t-shirt and a few hours in the sunshine…

Here’s how to get into Sellindge for the price of a t-shirt…

I know there’s a recession on and some of you want nothing more than to be at Sellindge Music Festival enjoying all the amazing acts and that wonderful atmosphere that you can’t get anywhere but at Sellindge; but, how do you do that when you just don’t have the cash?

Easy! You come and join the fun through the fabulous Stewarding team!

In exchange for a measly 3 shifts (and the price of that t-shirt we mentioned in the headline) we’ll give you full access to the wonders that are Sellindge Music Festival.

If you want to know more, contact Nikki at and she will answer all your questions and make your dreams of being at Sellindge in 2010 come true!

Looking forward to meeting you!
Nikki and the Stewarding Team

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