Hello and Welcome to Sellindge Music Festival

We are very excited to announce main stage headline acts REVEREND & THE MAKERS (Saturday) and LEE ‘SCRATCH’ PERRY (Sunday) for this year’s event.

Watch this space for our FRIDAY NIGHT HEADLINER – we are on the verge of confirmation but simply couldn’t wait to tell you all this amazing news first!

Offering support to the headline acts will be, among more to be announced, JOHNNY FOREIGNER, LIAM FROST, LAURA VANE, THE FOXES, MEAN POPPA LEAN and FLOORS & WALLS.

We are also thrilled to be able to confirm WoFo acts GIULIA Y LOS TELLARINI (Friday), the return of PBS6 (formally PARK BENCH SOCIAL CLUB) (Saturday) and the enchanting ELIZA CARTHY (Sunday) with support from BBC Young Folk Award of the Year Winner, JAMES FINDLAY.

Where it’s at…

We are located at Hope Farm, Gibbons Brook – just off junction 10 on the M20. Click on the map below for full access details…

The Side Lounge presented by Sideways Recordings

The Side Lounge represents our festival aspect.  A friendly comfortable space where you can experience a broad spectrum of musical styles presented by our DJs and artists.

By day…. morning chillout and eclectic vibes, merging ibiza sunsets with south american rhythms, eastern drums with cinematic soundscapes. Lazy disco grooves building into the deepest house sound.

By night… the sound of Sideways! Our music brought to you by our people. A chance for us to do our club thing and make some new friends along the way.

Download two live mixes at Sidelounge 09 at Sellindge here

Also check out the Sideways Recordings Showcase taking place in the Dance Tent on Friday night.…

Full Lineup Announced

Added to the bill – Sugar Hill Gang, GLC, Rumble Strips, Yousef, Tom Middleton, Jack Beats and more…. check out our full lineup by clicking through the website – we’ll be splitting this down day-by-day very soon… giving you plenty of time to plan your whole weekend on the farm! Simply the finest party in the Garden of England……

Underground Heroes (BBC Stage)

Headlining the BBC Kent Introducing stage on Sunday 13th June are Kent titans Underground Heroes. This Medway four-piece are brash, young, loud, and going places fast. BBC Kent Introducing have followed them pretty much from the start of their five-year (and counting) journey, one that has seen them support the View, Lily Allen, Kasabian and the Enemy. The NME say “lad-punk”, and that isn’t far off. Catch them on tour in May 2010 for the time of your life. See their MySpace here.…

Mobile Massage UK

They relax, revitalise and rejuvenate partied-out and sleepless festivalgoers! A unique blend of eastern and western techniques, the massage focuses on the upper back and head – where people store most of their tension.  Physical and mental knots are removed, leaving peace, energy and a positive vibe. Just the right state for a festival!

Recently featured on BBC TV’s Newsnight, they are currently the resident massage company at Wembley Arena but for this weekend we have them rejuvenating partied-out muscles at Sellindge.…

Bungee Trampolines

Bungee Trampolines are the latest craze to hit the world of extreme sport. They can be enjoyed by anyone from the ages of 2 to 90!

Originating from Switzerland – these units were first used to train snowboarders for the Olympic games but now have been adapted so everyone can enjoy the fun and excitement of jumping and somersaulting 30ft ( 9m) of the ground.  Catch them at Sellindge 2010 and enjoy some air time!!!…

Call for Stewards

…come and enjoy the amazing acts and that wonderful SMF atmosphere all for the price of a t-shirt and a few hours in the sunshine…

Here’s how to get into Sellindge for the price of a t-shirt…

I know there’s a recession on and some of you want nothing more than to be at Sellindge Music Festival enjoying all the amazing acts and that wonderful atmosphere that you can’t get anywhere but at Sellindge; but, how do you do that when you just don’t have the cash?

Easy! You come and join the fun through the fabulous Stewarding team!

In exchange for a measly 3 shifts (and the price of that t-shirt we mentioned in the headline) we’ll give you full access to the wonders that are Sellindge Music Festival.

If you want to know more, contact Nikki at sellindgestewards@gmail.com and she will answer all your questions and make your dreams of being at Sellindge in 2010 come true!

Looking forward to meeting you!
Nikki and the Stewarding Team

local ticket outlets

It’s just got even easier to get our tickets in your hands… you can now purchase your SMF2010 tickets in person at the following outlets across the South East (more coming soon):


  • Chambers / Cheriton Place / (01303) 223333
  • Music Bay / Cheriton High Street / (01303) 277869


  • Third Eye / St. Peters Street / (01227) 470099
  • Indoor Market / St. Peters Street / (01227) 470328


  • Gatefield Sounds / 163 High Street, Herne Bay / (01227) 374759
  • Gatefield Sounds / 70 High Street, Whitstable / (01227) 263337


  • Saltwood Stores / The Green / (01303) 261504


  • Rounder Records / 19 Brighton Square / (01273) 325440
  • Resident Records / 28 Kesington Gardens / (01273) 606312

Mean Poppa Lean @ 93FeetEast

A quick heads up – Mean Poppa Lean will be playing at 93 Feet East in London (Brick Lane) tomorrow night (Fri 16th April) – we seriously suggest you check them out! Over & out ~ SMF

From their Facebook:

93 FEET EAST has become our home away from home in London. It’s just perfect for mean Poppa Lean; it’s in a trendy area, and some trendies like it, but it’s not really trendy. It is, however, big, bold, brash and sounds great.

Just like us.

This time we’ll be playing with SOME BANDS and probably SOME DJS (i will fill this in later when i know). As you probably know we’ve just come off tour and we’re ready to kick some serious London arse. We’ve been to some mega capital cities like Vienna, Budapest, Amsterdam and Berlin but we want to show the world that London still kicks off like a fucking donkey!!!!

Safe. As usual on a Friday, it is free to get in so all your hard-earned money can be spent on beers.

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